Virtual Walkthrough

Thank you for your help!

Thank you for helping with our Virtual Walkthrough to streamline our collection of site conditions for your project! We hope this will provide a convenient, fast, easy turn-around of our recommendations and estimate. Please let us know your feedback, we are always looking to improve the service we provide our clients.

To expedite your estimate, please review the following and email similar pictures to us at  We may be able to create an estimate for you with just a few simple pictures taken with your smart phone!

A Willow Glen Electric representative will contact you by the next business day to discuss your project.

Picture ONE should be an overview of your main electrical panel.

This will help us determine the site conditions and your home’s construction type.

Picture TWO should be a closeup up of the main electrical panel’s circuit breakers, including legible numbers and labeling.

This will help us perform a preliminary electrical load calculation for your home.  This is required to determine the size charger circuit your electrical system can safely support.

Failure to perform a load calculation is irresponsible as overloads can result in electrical fires.  This is why Willow Glen Electric always performs electrical load calculations prior to making our recommendations.

This keeps your family and property safe, and keeps you in good stead with your utility company, your city’s Building Department, as well your automobile and homeowner’s insurance company!

Picture THREE should be closeup of your main electrical panel’s labeling.

This will help us confirm the amperage of your main electrical panel, which dictates how large of a circuit we can install.

Picture FOUR should be an overview of any electrical sub panels.

This will help us determine the site conditions inside your home and/or garage.

Picture FIVE should be a closeup of any electrical sub panels, including legible numbers and labeling.

This will help us with our preliminary load calculation.  Sub panels are often found in the garage, the laundry room, a hallway, or outside.

Picture SIX should be an overview of where you want the charger to be located.

This helps us understand what will be required for the charger installation.

Picture SEVEN should be a simple sketched site plan of your home, including a note for where the electrical panels are and where you want the charger to be located.

This, combined with satellite imagery from the internet, will help us understand the scope of the whole project and visualize the best way to route the charging circuit to your charging location.

Thank you again for your assistance! Please send these full-resolution pictures to

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